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Frequently Asked Questions

Certain countries allow visas to be obtained by travelers of select nationalities upon arrival into that country. Whenever possible, it is recommended to obtain a visa in advance of travel to avoid possible delays and complications that are subject to occur when obtaining a visa on arrival. Please review the visa requirements for your destination country.

If you are a non-US national who legally resides in United States as either a Permanent Resident, or valid US visa holder, we can assist with travel outside of US requiring a visa.

In almost all cases, your physical passport is required by the consular office at the time the visa application is made. The visa itself will be stamped or applied to a page in your physical passport book. The exception to this rule is the eVisa process. For an eVisa, Washington Express Visas will use a scan of your passport instead of the hard-copy document.

Most embassies and consulates will not accept visa applications more than 90 days in advance of departure. If you want to obtain a visa more than three months before your trip, please contact us to discuss your processing options.
Some countries maintain multiple consulates in United States, and each consulate is assigned a set of states/provinces to be their jurisdiction. Your state/province of residence will then be used to determine which consulate will process your visa request. Please note that visa requirements and processing times for a particular country may vary from consulate to consulate.

The pages in the back of a US passport are used for Amendments and Endorsements made to the passport by the US Dept. of State only, and foreign countries will not place visas on pages marked as such. Pages available for visa issuance by foreign countries say ‘Visa’ on the top of each page.

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